Déjà vu Again

Have you ever been in a situation where you just knew you’d been there before? You knew exactly what was going to happen and what everybody involved was going to say. We all have déjà vu moments in life. From time to time we go through the same experiences and wonder why.

For me, when I find myself in one of those very uncomfortable moments, like when your purse is empty and you need to get your baby some diapers, or when you have to deal with someone who is very confrontational and your usual response is to curl into a ball, I usually blame myself. I must have not learned my lesson the first time that is why it’s happening again.

Often we did learn the lesson but not realizing that a test always follows the study, we mistakenly believe that we erred. This leads us to put down ourselves and to see the situation as a failure rather than the chance to prove that we have overcome.

I am in one of those circumstances right now and it’s the kind that made me want to kick my own butt for my stupidity until I stopped looking at myself and assessed the situation for what it really was. This was a God-ordained set-up to show me that I was not the woman I was ten years ago. I know who I am and I know who my God is and that He thinks I am awesome and His Beloved Daughter. The minute I stopped beating myself up for my failure I looked heavenward and saw God with the answer of how to get through the trial with success. The answer: “Bow down to no one but me. Give me praise.”

God is not expecting you to fail. Jeremiah 29:11 says God’s thoughts towards me and you are totally for good and not to bring harm. God’s plan is that you take the test with confidence knowing that you have been tried by the fire and will come out gold.

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