Everyday Purpose

Millions and millions of dollars in books are sold each year all purporting to help us find our purpose on this planet. They range from the spiritual to the humanistic and parts in between. We all basically want to know that we matter. This desire was not a creation of the publishing companies or Hollywood but our Creator programmed into our DNA a yearning to do more than simply exist each day.

I try not to get caught up in the latest wave of anything and this focus on searching out our purpose is that in some ways. Because as long as Jesus and God are left out of the equation, then the true purpose for why we are here will never be found.

Outside of God there is nothing worth having or living. Paul said his purpose was to know Jesus and the power of His resurrection and to participate in the fellowship of His suffering. I don’t know why but this year, Jesus’ sacrificing His life for me has so much more meaning.

Over the years I have come to learn that my purpose is not this one grand thing that if I got to do it everyday then I am guaranteed that God would be pleased and I could die happy. Rather, I have learned that my true purpose and that of everyone here on earth is to worship God.

This worship is not done mainly in a church building or temple, it is proclaimed everyday that we live. Each day I get a chance to worship God by being the best mother, friend, colleague, singer, writer I can be. It is in the way I clean house, care for my kids, or cook a meal. At other times it is how I share with my friends and those in needs, and then there are the moments when opening my mouth to sing a song is how I worship. I am worshiping God right now by taking the time to put these words here for you to read. I find my purpose in everything I do.

Yes, there are days when I wish there was this one thing that if I found it and did, I would be sure that I had completed my job but the truth is as a woman, I am being pulled in so many different ways that if purpose is not found in each task then I could get to the end of a day and feel that nothing worthwhile was accomplished.

I like finding purpose in each moment that I live for then I am guaranteed that I am doing exactly what I was meant to do; even if it is wiping a runny nose, cleaning a backed up toilet, or laughing on the phone with a friend. Life is too short to hope I find purpose in the future, I prefer to live my purpose everyday right now.

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