Living Jesus, Living Christ

For a few short months, I lived in ignorance believing that the reason Jesus said “Greater works than these shall ye do…” was because we would have some superior knowledge because as former sinners we would know the true meaning of salvation and grace in a way He never experienced, as He knew no sin and did not need grace. But one day the Spirit revealed to me that we would do greater works because as the verse ends “…I (Jesus) go to my Father.”

Jesus is alive everybody.

He is very much alive and working in each of us as believers every day. So often we refer to Jesus and His work in the past tense. We love Him because he showed us the way we should live. Truth is, He is still showing us today if we but ask. He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in each of us, so we each could have a personal connection to Him in a way the disciples never had when they walked on earth with Him. Imagine having this living Jesus inside of you, teaching and directing your every move. I am so happy to live in truth.

Up until now my acknowledgement of Easter had to do with traditions and without a true understanding of what Jesus did at Calvary. I am grateful for the cross and the fact that He took my place but beyond that, there was no clear knowledge of the power He gave us through His resurrection and how that can alter our daily lives when we believe.

Now that I know that this living Jesus is inside of me, I want to live each day as He does. Choosing to see the world that He died and rose again for and wanting to do my part to have His ultimate purpose be manifested through me.

I thank God for the gift of His son Jesus Christ. I hope this Easter you can find the time to say thank you and to receive Jesus in your heart if you are not a believer. You have spent too long away from His love and His plan for you. Do not wait another day or even a moment, He will receive you now as you accept that you are a sinner in need of forgiveness, believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died and rose again for your salvation and confess that Jesus is now Lord of your life.

My blessings to you and yours.

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