The Fat Lady has Sung – So What!

You know that saying “it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings”? Well to that I say. So what!

They told you that it was over and if you look in your pocketbook, look at where you are living and the mess you have made of things…you certainly feel she is singing your tune. Even if she is, you have the right to tell her to shut up and find a new melody because your story is far from over.

You are not the first person to have a business go belly up, have to hide from creditors, have a baby out of wedlock or even move back home. I don’t care what the situation looks like today. It will not stay that way. You have the power within you to turn things around. You don’t need more money, you don’t need more time. You don’t even need to change your location. All you need is a made up mind and a belief in your dreams and in a Creator who knows everything and can change any circumstance around for your good. Faith is all the currency you need to get the life you want today.

I encourage you to spend some time examining yourself. Look at your dreams. Resurrect those plans that you buried when things started going down hill. Those dreams are the fuel for your future.

So what if the fat lady is singing. Let her. You are about the sing your own song and bow on the stage of a new life that is just beginning.

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