Closer to the Dream

I am one day closer to the dream of being a published author and to just living my best life yet. It has not come without struggle but each day I am grateful for the lessons learned and all God has permitted me to experience. We don’t usually thank God for the bad stuff but I have learned to do that as well. When you can go through it and come out on the other side better than you went in, then you know it was God turning that situation for your good.

Many times we do not need to have certain experiences to learn truth, but to be able to repent at the first sign of error allows God to turn a bad situation for our good.

I am thankful to have a Lord that loves me enough to come and get me out of some very tight situations and then to bring me out smelling like roses as only He can.

Today, choose to be thankful and choose to dream some more. See that future dream as present in your life today. You already have that desire in your heart and hands. So live it.

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