Just Say Yes

Two of the biggest crimes that Caribbean women get charged with is not being able to control our mouths and independence. We have spent so much time handling our own business and taking care of ourselves and everyone else, that the thought that we might actually let someone help us if they asked hardly ever crosses our mind.

I imagined myself having a conversation the other day with a man, and everything he asked me, my answer was no. Even in my thoughts I could feel myself becoming arrogant with it, the thought that he wanted to help and I was like “Nope, don’t need you. I got it covered.” The daydream went on for sometime and thing is, it was happening in church. After a while, I began to realize that this was not just me that there was something to be learned in all of this and I asked God what He was trying to say. As I reran the conversation in my mind, I put God in the place of the man and then I could see and hear what He was asking.

“Do you need me now that the pain is gone? Do you need me although you can now pay your bills? Do you still need me and will you need me when all is well and their are no crisis and fires to out?”

I was stunned for a minute and then my mind began to race, wondering how I could prove to God that I needed Him and always would. As I closed my mind and listened, I heard the Spirit, say “Just Say Yes.” I did. Without hesitation, without a doubt and I realized that I want to and plan to choose every day to say Yes to My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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