Falling In Love With….

My Kids

I don’t know if I can identify the reason; but lately, I am just falling madly in love with my children. I am excited to be with them and although for the past few months, each day has been a financial and emotional challenge in one way or another, I look forward to just being with them.

Of course, having four warm bodies always ready to give me hugs helps a lot but for me I know its just time for more love in my life and I am giving it and receiving it in abundance all around me.

Truth be told, I am in love with life right now this minute. I am doing exactly what I want to be doing and feeling so much confidence that God has me in the palm of my hands. Each morning, I wake up with gratitude and anticipation of how I can touch someone today.

This morning, I went to the hospital for a check-up as I have not had one since my last baby. There were lots of women there and wouldn’t you know that just got me talking about love and how we need to take care of ourselves. I did not hear the nurse call my name and about two-hours later looked up and realised wait….I am still out here talking when I was number five on the list.

In the end, I went off with a clean bill of health and more energy from listening to the women share about their lives…Others looked on and just nodded their heads but we could all relate to the expanding waistlines, babies and husbands at home, and unfulfilled dreams we now wanted to pursue.

I sat there and wrote my presentation for the seminar in the Cayman Islands next week. I can hardly wait to share what God laid on my heart. The more I live my life on purpose and with purpose, the more I love and the more it spreads to everyone around me…including my children.

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