Its Time Truly Caribbean Women to Live on Purpose

Procrastination takes many forms. It comes as doubt, fear, over analyzing, laziness and much more. I have permitted my fears of failure, of potential danger, of lack of balance to stop me from doing what is my passion.

I love to talk. Even more than I love to write, I love the power of words spoken from one person to another. After spending so many hours with my children and talking only to them, I think the first woman I got to talk to must have ended up feeling exhausted. I talked and talked and talked. I have found in communicating to women, I learn so much about myself, I also recognize the gift that God has shared with me to be able to motivate but also to guide them to the truth that we so often avoid.

As I sat in church on Sunday and heard the minister talk about the need for us to put God first, my spirit immediately jumped into action and showed me the one move I have been hesitant to make.

Hosting Truly Caribbean Woman Seminars. To my way of thinking this dream was more mine than God’s. It seemed so selfish as it was about me talking to women, and who am I to think I have something to say. But the thing is that I am dying when I keep it all inside and I also stagnate. My life is fueled by doing exactly what I should be doing. Provision, protection, prosperity follows my obedience and fulfilling my purpose.

In that moment, I simple said ‘Yes I will do it Lord’ because it became crystal that it was not about me. The truth is it can never be about me because I have no power to change others. Jesus is the power that brings healing and hope and purpose. The only thing I can share is the wisdom He has given me on how to overcome pain, overcome depression and learn to celebrate my life.

That is what I will be sharing at the first seminar on Saturday, September 29 at the Rupert Maynard Community Center. Its called Life on Purpose. We have to live life with intent and make the decision that we are going to engage and do the things we have only been dreaming about.

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