Don’t Miss The Miracle

A friend reminded me recently of the miracles visible in daily living. I am a firm believer that we will see a day when the miracles that Jesus did while on earth will become a part of our everyday walk. But in the meanwhile what do we do? Does it means we don’t have faith. I am coming to realize that I sometimes overlook the daily miracles because they came without pomp and circumstance. 

My friend had breast cancer as she has confined it to a past illness. Now as she goes through the preventative treatment to stop its return I am learning and leaning so much on her strength. We are separated by many hours of water but that has not stopped her from reaching out to me to answer my questions about her feelings and her hopes and dreams. Every time I read her emails, I am stunned by her strength and wonder how she can be so strong. But her secret is simple, she is thankful for the miracles of good doctors, her husband and family and the opportunity she has had to lean on God and have Him show her a future beyond this season.

I took a “How Happy Are You” quiz recently and I did not score 100%. In fact, I ended up in the category of waiting for some future action to solidify my happiness. I did not need a quiz to tell me that but the reminder was good and timely. Whenever I find myself in a position that I am forced to depend on others and God for my daily existence and sustenance, I realize I have taken another wilderness walk. It brings me back to the present. Where I have to choose to live each day with joy and with no anxiety about tomorrow, next week or next year. Jesus asked us to do that every day.

This road is not unfamiliar to me and it brings me much joy. I sleep better because I am not anxious. I realize that I can do no more than I am doing at present and I can trust God to take care of me, emotionally, physically and spiritually. He does not leave me alone or without and that gives me joy. What I need to learn is how to live that way consistently when things are great as well. Why do I often choose to become anxious and attempt to control outcomes that are beyond me? But that is the gift of life…I live to learn the lessons that each day has in store.

For now, I am thankful of the miracles around me. The simple miracle of life, movement, breath, joy. I am thankful. I am healthy and my children are too. I am thankful that I have friends who love me and allow me to share in their joy and pain for then I am stronger and forever a student of grace.

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