Learning Again

I am officially listed as an instructor this semester at the University of St. Martin, but tell no one. I feel more like the student. My friend drafted me to teach several of the English courses and to tell you the truth my first reaction and response was no. But eventually I acquiesced and I am glad I did.

The first rule of teaching should be that you must be ready to learn and I am learning. Of course, I get paid for doing what I do best, talk. Lord I love to communicate and encourage and being in a classroom of so many young people on the brink of their future is a great place to be right now.

Taking this job has not come without challenges of course, I had to figure out new ways of caring for the children to this. But as I take it each day and I trust God to direct, He certainly does. God has blessed me with awesome friends who come through in tough times and I am so grateful.

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