The Price of Passion

Passion has a price and I am not always willing to pay it.

It costs you something to follow your dream, fulfill a lifelong calling, to live outside the perimeters set by people around you who are too afraid to live.

Following your passion costs, time away from family, late nights at work, over parties, saving instead of spending on the latest toys or favors.

Passion will cost you friends, family, even your name.

But Jesus promises that no one who loses father, mother, house and land for the sake of the gospel will be rewarded in this life and in the next with eternal life.

The gospel is for me the same as passion for it is the only thing worth sacrificing for. You live the gospel every day when you follow a heart directed by the Spirit of God, seek peace and pursue it with every fiber of your being. It is you choosing to live outside the box, dare to speak up for injustice, dare to present in your music, art, fashion, books, cooking, architecture, medicine and more that we each have a gift or task that can help to improve this world for those who are to follow.

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