Will you be a sacrifice? I used to say we didn’t need to be as Jesus already was the sacrifice for our sins. But in truth, we must each make a sacrifice for something greater than ourselves to happen. We make these choices every day we live.

I recently spoke to a woman who has a grandson serving in Iraq and she told me how hard it is knowing that he is there, understanding that every day his life is at risk. In asking God why, His response to her was that because of their sacrifice the gospel is being preached now in Iraq and thousands of people are coming to Christ.

When fear strikes me as it pertains to my kids and having to choose to follow God’s direction, even if it means traveling without them even for a day or two, I remind myself of Moses’ mother, having to place him in the basket on the river, rather than watch him be slaughtered by Pharaoh’s men. She gave him to the river, trusting that God would protect him.

I remind myself that even my children are in the care of the Almighty, and there are times when they cannot be with me 24/7 and in those moments I must trust that God and their assigned angels are taking care of them.

It allows me to see that greater than my ability to care and protect is the never ending and all encompassing love of God who reaches us even in the darkest corners of our mind and the world we live in.

Trust Him today to care for you, remembering if only for one person on the planet, Jesus would have still died to save you.

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