Live Your Passion

More and more I see men and women getting totally free and totally happy with their lives. By no means does this mean they have no worries but they have come to the realization that to live the life they want, they must BE the life they want.
I am guilty of the “when I’s” and the “If only’s”. But now I catch myself more readily and ask the question. “Why do I have to wait to have that feeling or follow that dream?” I try to reclaim the power that I want to give away to someone else. Making someone else responsible for your happiness, your finances, the state of your life is a heavy and unwanted role for others. But it is yours to reclaim.
I choose to live everyday the life I want to have 10 years from now, when I have attained all the goals I have set for myself. So just in case they don’t all manifest in the scheduled time, I am happy and filled with joy as I am at peace with how my life is now.
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This week, choose to live your passion and live everyday to the fullest. Be today what you dream of being tomorrow.!
Be Strong, Truly Golden

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