I spent a fabulous weekend in the Cayman Islands at the invitation of the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau. What a beautiful place and I felt right at home.

The more I travel, the more I realize that when you have the peace of God and a sense of purpose and self, you can live anywhere. I would definitely live in the Cayman, because like anywhere else, it is a land filled with much promise. We are all struggling with the challenge of trying to preserve our culture, keep our land, while embracing people from other nations.

The women have the same needs and our families are suffering the same pain. What was clear to me after my presentation was that we need to talk more. We have spent so much time bottling up our pain and pretending we are strong that we forget that sharing our pain brings us healing and releases the burden of going it alone.

I felt at home, when everyone was willing to embrace me and open themselves to allow me to see their past as well. For me home is where I feel safe to be me. And the Cayman Islands is one more island that is now home.

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