Dream Killers

They are all around you.

The Dream Killers.

They did not sneak into your life by accident. In fact, you invited them in and gave them permission to wreak havoc on your dreams of peace, prosperity and security.

You did it, not when you shared your ideas with others but when you let their words of doubt and fear make you believe you were off the mark, crazy for stepping out in business, for making a move to end a bad relationship.

Don’t ever give anyone the permission to stop your dream of starting a business, going back to school, change your career, becoming a stay at home mother. Here are a few words I wrote to remind myself never to do that.

Permission to Breathe

By Nerissa Golden

Permission to breathe, Oh great leader, master of my destiny. Permission to be different than you want me to be. Can you grant me the right to seek out a future of my own making, one different than what you have designed?

Permission to laugh at the mistakes I make instead of miring myself in contrition and remorse. Permission to eat the icing on the cake, cause that’s all I want.

Permission to see my flaws and accept them as part of my beauty. Permission to learn much more than what you tell me; to expect more than you have to offer me; to need more than your token acceptance of me when I do as you say, and fulfil the demands of your world.

Permission, Oh great leader, master of my destiny to be me.

Permission Denied!

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