Woman’s Day

Do I need to say for the record that every day is Woman’s Day. But I understand the need to recognize and acknowledge the fact that many of my sisters around the world are not free and they are poor. This for me is more than chains or an empty pocket book. They are in mental bondage and spiritually poor.

Who is to blame for this bondage and poverty? Only ourselves.

We remain in bondage because we refuse to acknowledge our power to choose, our need to take care of ourselves and fulfill our own dreams. We remain poor because we do not invest any time in loving ourselves but expend it on others even at the expense of our own souls and bodies.

My only wish this International Women’s Day is that every woman would take a moment each day they are alive to be grateful for life. Spend five minutes meditating on their gifts and abilities and do something each day to treasure themselves.

We will never be valued by others until we learn to value ourselves most of all.

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