Hair Woes

For many years now I have believed that you can tell a lot about a woman’s state of mind by the state of her head or rather her hair.

This became quite clear again reading about Britney Spears cutting off that gorgeous hair of hers. One of these days I will have the courage to show you pictures of my hair in all lengths and distress. The first thing I think about changing when I am under stress is my hair. It always becomes too much to take care of when their are other things that seem to be more pressing.

I remember when I cut off my hair for the first time and reasoned it was a necessary part of my new life as wife and mother to be. Truth was, I knew I had made some bad choices that I would have to live with and no longer felt beautiful inside or out. That was the start of a very dark time for me and it got darker the more I cut my hair. When things were getting brighter I would let it grow back but when things turned bleak again, off went the hair.

One day I realized I could not keep punishing myself this way. I was not cutting my hair because I looked better or it was convenient. Because it took more work to keep it neater bald or short than with it long. But in either state the real problem was that I was not caring for me.

My hair did not grow back overnight but I could see changing my head inside definitely affected the strands that grew on top. They were stronger, much more healthy to look at and a pleasure to comb. It takes effort to decide I will spend five minutes on my hair and that is not a strange thing because we women always seem to find something much more important than five minutes of self-care.

Back to Britney, she is definitely in a moment of transition. Her life has changed and she seems unwilling to accept that it has. It looks as if she still wants the attention on herself rather than focusing on being a mother for her two boys. They need her now and she needs them too. Life won’t straighten out until she figures that loving them and becoming a mother is a gift from the Almighty. I hope she comes to see that soon.

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