I spent my evening babysitting my niece, so now there were five kids under the age of seven running around, climbing on chairs and playing super hero, supermarket and church.

Brave woman that I am, we headed to the supermarket to pick up a few treats for the evening, most of which we never ate because kids would be kids and fun always overrules food any day or night at my house. Unfortunately, St. Maarten is not the UK and they don’t have those massive carts you would find at ASDA, where all the kids can fit in and still leave room for the groceries. So we settled for the youngest in the front and one inside the cart. The other three took the opportunity to dance through the aisles and inspect the fruit, the ice cream and of course the candy at the cash registers. You spend a good bit of time removing packs of kitkat and mars bars from tiny hands. How could they not but touch when everything is at eye level?

We did not take home any chocolate bars, but the ice cream, popcorn, pampers, cereal, apples and of course a strawberry cheesecake did. The cheesecake was for my big sister, I had invited over to join the fun.

She showed up with a bottle of wine, which neither of us could open even when working together. It must have been a sign, we were trying to consume alcohol in the bishop’s house. Heaven was not pleased.

We settled on a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider while the kids all ate baked fries and fish fingers with orange juice. A gourmet meal it certainly was. The cheesecake topped the evening and we never made it to the movie and popcorn. A quick shower for all and in no time they were out for the night.

I love the madness of it all, the noise, the drama, tickling little tummies that burst into giggles at the slightest touch. An opportunity to just go with the flow and be with the kids.

When it was all said and done I fell into bed ignoring the novel I was trying to finish, a pile of work on my laptop to complete and prayed there would be no wet sheets in the morning.

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