It seems I’m not the only one feeling as if the world has exploded with work.

Many of my friends and colleagues are asking the same thing…”what happened when January opened?” The work load has seemed to increase and without giving any chance for a breather.

I have been feeling quite swamped and unable to do more than crash into bed when I get home from school. Of course, before this can happen the kids have to be fed, pampers changed, bottles made, homework done and then at least a half-hour of trying to get everyone in bed for an afternoon nap.

Don’t kill me for making my kids nap, my sisters and I grew up that way and now we are all “brilliant” women. But it gives me a moment to chill and also I get some cranky kids off my hands for at least an hour.

Its always a battle to rest myself because there remains a long list of things that need to be done and are better handled when everyone is asleep. But I still practice what I learned when I was pregnant with baby number one “sleep while the baby is sleeping.”

There is nothing worst than a cranky mommy with four very energetic kids expecting you to cuddle them, kick a ball or color. I hate myself when I snap, so I sleep because it puts me in a better mood to be with them.

As for work, it will always be there, but I find that when my mind and body are rested I do get a lot more done in a shorter time. I like this deal and it reminds me that there is always enough time to take care of yourself.

Hope you find a moment today to love on yourself, catch a nap, read book or pray.

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