Love Day

Okay, I could not resist as it is Valentine’s Day.

As of this moment I am in great spirits and I feel no sense of loss at not having a significant other in my life. In fact it feel darn good.

I read an article recently with the woman stating she chooses this time to thank God for all the reasons He loves her. So inundated with the commercialism of the day she is overwhelmed by the fact that she has no partner and must search for a reason to still celebrate the day. I felt sorry for her because you want your life to mean more than a day.

If I had a man who only sent me flowers on V-Day I would be pissed. What about the rest of the year? I don’t want to have to rack my brains to find things I am grateful to God for, so I can feel better about feeling alone on February 14th. That takes too much work. I am just grateful every day and for all things both the good and the bad, for I have found that my Creator is Master of All and no matter the circumstance He knows exactly where I am and what I am doing.

That gives me peace and also provides immense love continuously.

I laugh now when I reflect on younger days when I cried or spent days wistful and teary because there was no Valentine’s card or flowers. My belief was that having a boyfriend meant I was cool or beautiful. Guess what! I am beautiful no matter my marital status. I am loved because God created me to be on this planet at this time. I am happy because my joy is not based on outward expressions from other people, it comes from the knowledge that my life is LOVE!

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