Someone payed be a cool compliment today. I was asked to join a local political party as a candidate for the upcoming April 20 Elections on St. Maarten.

I’d been given a heads up from a friend that I was being considered so I had a few days to think about it. As flattered as I was, I said no, not at this time. I have created enough challenges for this year, and to add politics to my already full plate would have been suicide.

With age does come wisdom and so I knew that although the challenge would have been one I would relish, it was not the time for me or my family. When the time comes that I make a choice to run for politics, it would be because I have the energy and the desire to follow it through to the end. I could not do it, just to say I had, I would want to know that I was in it to win.

But you know, I would not pass up the chance to work on a campaign however, they could all use some help. I won’t think about that too much…cause then I might start making calls to the highest bidder.

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