Soccer Mom

I am now officially a soccer mom. I should think a month of toting my eldest girl around to practice and games qualifies me for the title. Not forgetting looking for equipment, uniforms, and rubbing aching feet.

She is almost seven and starting her in the game was not my idea. It was her Dad’s, who plays pretty good ball. But changes in his priorities lately left me holding the bag. I am not complaining as it has actually worked for my benefit as well.

Since the new year started I have been wanting to get in more physical activity and time with the kids. This interruption in my daily routine has brought the opportunity for me to hang out with all the kids while watching my princess play ball. We walk, run or dance around the field which ever strikes our fancy.

I am not going to confess to liking it yet. I would much rather be in my bed after a hard days work. But the benefits of time with the kids and a healthier body will be worth it.

Might I add that my girl is a hell of a goalkeeper. She kept her opponents goalless on Saturday in Grand Case during the first match. But all the kudos got to her head or she just got nervous and the second team gave them quite a licking. It is still all in good fun and so the kids don’t seem to mind. Just the opportunity to play and have their parents cheering them on seems to be all they need.

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