YES 2007

I am happiest when I am creating. No doubt about that. And its time to recreate one of the most important ventures I undertook last year. The Young Entrepreneurs Symposium is now more than an idea, it is a reality. Goldenmedia is going to do it again, this time on the island of St. Kitts.

I wanted to go to SKB for several reasons. One, that is where I started my company back in 2000 and actually where the whole Truly Caribbean concept was birthed. I had no idea at that time what being TC would mean to me and how important it is to share that with my own people. My passion is not for the tourists who come here, but for the people who get up each day to make a life for themselves and their family on these islands surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.

That’s what YES 2007 is all about, making life. A life filled with passion. Which brings me to reason Two for going to St. Kitts. I aborted my life and my business because things got tough after being there for only nine months. I had one challenge too many and doubted why I was there and that my dreams could become reality. Two weeks ago, I went back there for the first time since leaving in 2001 and I wanted to cry. I could see I left too soon, the vision that I had then would have been a reality and they would be flourishing. St. Kitts is on an upturn economically and the young entrepreneurs are finding ways to carve out their niche in a market that is becoming increasingly global and more competitive.

But I won’t cry over spilled milk, I will move on. Hence reason Three. I never burnt my bridges and I now see that their young men and women could use an infusion of the positive around them. YES 2007 is about the positive and pursuing your passions. Its an opportunity to showcase the best and the brightest Caribbeanpreneurs both from St. Kitts and the wider Caribbean.

Talk about talent and creativity. You find them at YES. I love it because you get to be in the same room with people living the dreams they have. And it does not sadden you, it motivates you to go after your own.

I love being able to find speakers who are passionate about their work and also about the Caribbean. They understand the unique challenges of trying to do business at a pace and with certain eccentricities that would not be permitted elsewhere. They have navigated the social and mental landscape and are willing to share this information with the newbies.

Can’t wait for May to get here but I must. We don’t want the baby being aborted before its time.

You ever notice, I always bring the subject back to babies?

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