Truly Caribbean Online

Truly Caribbean.Net or as I like to call it, TCNet is a work in progress. I pick up the paper every day now and see stories of people who have started their own online worlds to celebrate the things we love about the Caribbean. But I refuse to rush the process, just because someone else might get there first.

This is not something, I thought up last year, its been a dream of mine that has been steadily coming together for more than seven years now. Its not just about the virtual world, its about doing things every day of my life that have purpose, that is filled with truth, filled with love.
The best part of watching how we the Caribbean is now coming into our own, is to watch the young people who are making it happen. Usually, its the ones that you overlook, never think much about their crazy ideas, and knack for technology and all things creative. But the Caribbean is all about the creative and you are going to see it manifest more and more.

TCNet is going to be smack dab in the middle of it. I can’t wait for people to see the goldmine of talent yet to be discovered by the greater Caribbean and the world.

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