Do you ever notice that the minute you say things are great, something happens to test your words.

For example, a friend asks, how are you and your boyfriend doing, you say “never better. I am so happy to be with him.” Next thing you know, you are having the major fight of your relationship and you are left eating your words, wondering what went wrong.

It hasn’t been a boyfriend for me…its been with the kids. Spent the morning bragging to a friend about how great they were doing and before the day is out, I am knee deep in all sorts of bodily secretions, none of them good. One tummy settled and another throws up. That’s done, then the baby has taken off her pamper and spread a nice package around the house.

At times it can get frustrating but then you remember that it is only for a time. Nothing beats putting them all to bed and getting a good snuggle as they fall off to sleep. A prayer of thanksgiving is how I end the day, thanking God for touching their tiny bodies and allowing me the chance to be with them, no matter what that day brought. It could have been otherwise, so I do not take it for granted.

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