One of my weak spots over the years has been failure to finish what I start or a rush to finish so I can move on. So it was quite refreshing to get to the end of the film festival and feel relief, much tiredness but also a sense of joy that I had finished what I started.

If I gave you a blow by blow then you would know our attendance was poor but actually got better tonight, but the shortened version would be that people missed a chance to see what is happening in the Caribbean and the world when it comes to telling our stories visually.

2007 is only going to get better for Caribbean cinema and I want to be a part of it. I now have a better sense of what things need to be changed to make our marketing dollars more effective and bring out the people who will support local films. But its also about raising the awareness of our Caribbean people that we are worthy to be on the big screen.

It was such a stark difference later this evening, leaving our small intimate theatre to go to the big multiplex with the directors. They wanted to see Will Smith’s new movie the Pursuit of Happyness that had opened. A packed house of young people said they were more their about seeing Will and not really about the story of one man’s struggle to make a living for his son. That was definitely a movie about completion. Starting a 6 month internship with no income and sticking with it to win a one in twenty shot for a job.

I think I know what Chris Gardener may have felt like. Its not that you believe there are no other challenges ahead but arriving at the end of a major hurdle puts you in a better position to jump the next.

Not sure I am ready to jump another hurdle but I know they are coming.

  1. The school facilities need to be ready for the new year.
  2. Reports have to be completed for Wednesday.
  3. Planning for YES 2007 must begin in earnest.
  4. I need to have a book published by April.
  5. ….

There are more things for the list but I don’t know if I am ready to complete that one.

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