Made It To Essence Magazine

I got an early Christmas gift when I got to the end of my December issue of Essence. There was the poem I had submitted in September on a whim. They had told me they wanted to publish it but had given no definite about it. Well, to say the least I was quite happy and I pleased to be able to share the news with my friends.

You could go out and buy the issue, but as that does not affect my pocketbook, here is a copy of the poem. Let me know what you think.

You sound like jazz all mellow and sweet
Like Ella scatting while Miles blows
You sound like a summer rain shower on a galvanized roof
Heady music with refined notes

You taste like jazz
Sunkissed rainbows and bittersweet chocolate
Ice cold lemonade too sweet to digest in one gulp
But sipped from an old tin cup

You smell like jazz on
Smoke – tinged skin all
Covered in sweat from a night of mad grooves and steady bass lines

(You’ll have to buy the book to read the rest or pick up Essence after all!)
by Nerissa Golden
All rights reserved. Copyright 2006.

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