My brain is on overload and I have found the best therapy is to write. And so, I have joined the millions who now blog to give me one more outlet for my mind. If you lived around me, you would see my desks, my bags, and all other surfaces covered with papers, notebooks, and scraps of paper that I have taken to writing on, so as not to forget an idea, a thought that may come in handy later on.

Needless to say it turns out to be more stressful, cause then my thoughts are as scrambled as the sheets of paper around me. But hence, I persist in writing, because the purpose is fulfilled, a clear mind is the result. Whether the pieces of paper ever become useful later on, is not my immediate concern….being able to shut my mind down to sleep at night is important to me.

He gives His beloved sleep, the word says…so when I cannot sleep I know there are some things I must lay down.

I must lay down all of the plans on the agenda before my Master, asking Him to take care of them for me and open the doors that I cannot. I must ask Him to guide me in raising my kids and as I make plans for our future. I must ask Him to take all of my dreams again and again and shape them into the plans He has for me…for I have no time to waste on those things that will not fulfill my purpose.

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