Queen Thalia Takes 2018 Leeward Islands Calypso Competition Crown

ABS News Photo of Queen Thallia and her father King Zacari after returning to Antigua following their wins at the Leeward Islands Calypso Competition in Anguilla.

After capturing Antigua’s national calypso monarch crown only a week before, Queen Thalia traveled to Anguilla and became only the second women to win the title at the Leeward Islands Calypso Competition on Saturday, August 11.

Thalia was one of two women in the competition, the next being Miss Independent of St. Kitts, who is also the first woman to wear the crown for that island.

The women held their own against King Dis n Dat of Nevis, Protege of St. Maarten, King Rabo of Montserrat, Mighty Springer of Anguilla and King Zacari of Antigua. Zacari was the returning champion for the LICC. Ironically, he is also Queen Thalia’s father. He had also lost the Antigua crown to her the week before.

Speaking on ZJB Radio on Monday morning, Queen Thalia said she knows her father is extremely proud of her as he was the one who taught her everything she knows about the art form. She also gave credit to her writing team comprising of people from around the region, who

Her winning songs were Poor Man’s Piano and Cry for Calypso.

The final top three were Queen Thalia (winner), Might Springer (1st runner up) and King Zacari (2nd runner up).

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