Tech Matters: Doing Good is Good Business

2014-14-16 Technology Matters - Doing Good is Good Business

The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility By Bevil Wooding Technology can turn a cause into a movement, faster than ever before. Yet, in an Internet-enabled world of social networks, mobile payments, virtual learning and crowdsourcing, most firms’ approach to social giving remains stuck in the corporate dark-ages. So how do companies go about unlocking…

Bevil Wooding: Cubes In Space to Bolster Caribbean Education


Students from the Caribbean have the opportunity to compete with their counterparts from around the world to have their experiments launched into space. The payload will later be returned to the students for analysis. In the region, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC); regional Internet and cable service provider, Columbus International Inc.; the BrightPath Foundation, a…

FREE Entrepreneurship Course


Here’s a great course offered by the University of Maryland through, which gives you the basics on starting your own business. Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship explores how to identify and develop great ideas into great companies. Learn how to identify opportunities based on real customer needs. Develop…



The Minefield Game

22 Like-minded Caribbean women entrepreneurs navigate trust and relationship-building via the Minefield Game during the Grow your Business (GyB) workshop in Antigua held April 1 -3, 2014 at the Verandah Resort & Spa. The workshop is part of the EPIC programme sponsored by the World Bank.