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9 Things My Facebook News Feed Teaches Me About Entrepreneurship


They are a hodgepodge of people from across the globe. Family and friends I’ve known since childhood and people who I connected with because of shared passions. Here are nine things I’ve learned from viewing the activities of entrepreneurs on my Facebook timeline They are not afraid to have fun.…

FREE Download – Start a Business in 5 Days


People ask me regularly for help to brainstorm on an idea or want my opinion on whether they should start a business or not. I’ve compiled a workbook to help you with this process. Start a Business in 5 Days gives you a list of activities to help you work…

How to Lose an Election in 5 Easy Steps


Back in July I teamed up with a fellow media strategist to share our views on the impact that social media will have on elections across the Caribbean in the coming years. Read story here Caribbean Elections will be won or lost with Social Media.This was proven true in the…

Making the best of your LinkedIn Page


LinkedIn is presently ranked as the number three most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter with more than 255,000,000 monthly users. While you may have mastered Facebook and/or Twitter, approaching your LinkedIn with the same strategy is not the best way to get the most of this platform.…

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60 Women to get Free Mammograms after annual Pink Ribbon Charity Week


BRADES, Montserrat  – Sixty more women on Montserrat will now be able to receive free mammograms following another successful fundraising campaign organized by Caribscan and the Pink Ribbon Charity. The fifth annual Pink Ribbon Walk ended on Saturday evening after more than 190 men, women and children took the almost…

15 Million Caribbean People Have Reliable Internet Access – ITU


Mobile subscribers grow while landline declines LONDON/CARIBBEAN – More than 15 million people in the Caribbean had reliable Internet access by the end of 2013, representing 35% of the 43 million people living in the region. Caribbean Internet users represent 0.66% of the world’s total Internet users. The data compiled…