Take the Road Less Traveled

Cork Hill, Montserrat (Nerissa Golden photo)

There are so many amazing and talented Caribbean creatives who have their heads down and are doing the work. I want TrulyCaribbean.Net to be the space you learn all about them.

This was my first official domain online in 2005 and over the year’s it has served many purposes. However, at the core it has always been about sharing information about the things I want you to know about our people.

Welcome to the reboot! Here is my space to share news and reviews on books, films by Caribbean moviemakers, what islands are hopping, and how are people are leveraging tech to transform lives.

Stay awhile and be sure to click on the buy button to support the artists featured.

Love and Blessings,

Nerissa Golden

PS – If you would like to know more about my other work visit www.nerissagolden.com.

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